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  • Can be used for replacement dice

  • Customize your games with your very own personal set of dice

  • Dice come in all sorts of types, styles and colors

  • View larger DICE! Looking for an inexpensive way to increase your dice collection? The Pound-O-Dice is the perfect solution. Each pound has approximately 100 dice in assorted shapes with quantites weighted in favor of d6's, d10's, and d20's. Also included is a full set (7k) of polyhedral dice in one of 5 colors, randomly selected, that are only available in this product. POUND-O-DICE! There are approximately 100 factory-second dice in this bag.(Number of dice will vary with the mix- four-siders are lighter than other shapes, for example.) These dice are mixed in a variety of styles & colors. Every bag does not necessarily have every style & color. Sizes may include 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 & 30-sided dice (and, possibly, other sizes) in colors that include (but are not limited to) speckled, marble, rainbow, opaque and translucent. This assortment features one complete 7-die polyhedral set of never-released speckled dice, available ONLY in the Pound O' Dice assortment. Features/Specifications Can be used for replacement diceCustomize your games with your very own personal set of diceDice come in all sorts of types, styles and colors

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    Pound-O-Dice - B008C0KXYS